MCS AG: profile

MCS AG (Management & Customer Strategies) was founded by Maximilian Graf Stolberg in Munich. Since then, MCS has provided CRM services and consultancy to top international customers in retail, tourism, telecommunications and the energy industries. In 2006, MCS moved its headquarters to Düsseldorf and expanded its service spectrum to include interim and project management. MCS is part of an international network of CRM specialists working together as partners.

Our Approach: How we do, what we do

We begin our work by analysing your customer data and processes:

The most important thing here is to make the complex information in all your customer databases and management systems more transparent so that you can easily recognise the essential patterns.

We then identify important customer desires and develop a strategy which will enable you to initiate or develop successful dialogues with your customers.

We also put this practice into action with you, our customers:

We believe in a culture of feedback and openness – this is the only way to ensure we stay on track, and are able to guarantee the quality of our work and the best use of our know-how.

We want your company to grow and we want to do our part as well:

From analysis, orientation, dialogue, feedback and quality to growth – our competence builds your CRM foundation.